2 March 2021

A little Australian Wood Duck came into WIRES care last Friday after it was found all alone in a swimming pool at Goonellabah. Having just one little duckling in care is never ideal; it would be used to having 6-7 siblings plus mum and dad around at all times. Wood Duck form monogamous breeding pairs that stay together year round. They nest in tree hollows and both parents raise their 6-8 ducklings.

WIRES volunteer Julie kept a close eye on calls coming into WIRES for another little duckling coming into the system.

Yesterday that call came in from Mullumbimby, a little wood duckling was found alone. Julie was quick to post a picture over WIRES internal communication system of the little duckling with the caption: I’m waiting for my buddy from Mullum. If you can give him a lift I would be very grateful.

The difference in behavior from being alone to being with its own kind is clearly visible; they will be raised and eventually released back to the wild.

Photographs and story by Julie Marsh