15 March 2021

After a storm last Wednesday Heidi discovered two Noisy Miner chicks had come to the ground nest and all in Spinks Park.  The tiny birds only had pin feathers, obviously not yet able to fly.

They were examined at Lismore vet clinic and found to be in good condition considering their ordeal and was promptly taken into care by WIRES volunteer Julie.

After three days of recovery they were brought back to Spinks Park in a substitute nest to be reunited with the parent birds.

Noisy Miners are perhaps the best known native honey-eater in Eastern Australia; they are endemic to eastern Australia found in woodlands and open forests. They have also become well adapted to our suburban environment and are a common sight in parks and gardens.

They are a community bird and although the female constructs the nest and incubates the eggs alone both sexes with additional ‘helpers’ will feed the young birds. Interestingly, these helpers are almost always male birds.

Saturday morning it was a very happy gathering at Spinks Park when Julie returned the youngsters.  The parent birds as well as the “helpers” took no time at all to welcome the little ones home.

Photographs and story by Julie Marsh