29 March 2021

WIRES volunteer snake handler Mat responded to a call yesterday afternoon regarding a Coastal carpet python snake happily curled up on the toilet cistern in a dimly lit toilet block at Bangalow. A young boy alerted mum to the snake and luckily he spotted it before entering. When Mat arrived on site, other members of the public told him that they had seen it there early in the morning so likely had been resting there for quite some time guarding the loo.

Mat continues the story: I examined the snake and there were no signs of injury or illness. Given the size of the snake I thought it best to try a no-touch rescue; the snake was totally aware and responsive to my presence and went almost straight into my snake bag when offered.He was quite heavy as I took him into the dense bush by the creek behind the park; I worked up a bit of a sweat carrying him in the bag! I released him in the brush next to a sunny spot on the side of the creek and he happily disappeared out of sight!

Video and story by Mat Dorey