3 April 2021

Last week WIRES received a call for a microbat that had become stuck on fly tape and had already been removed by the member of the public. Still stuck to himself the poor bat was quickly rescued by WIRES volunteer bat carer Merryn and brought to Alstonville Veterinary Hospital for assessment.

Under anaesthetic, WIRES volunteer Josef and the team at Alstonville Vet Hospital carefully unstuck the microbat whilst carefully assessing for any injuries.

A quick x-ray showed no fractures.  Appearing otherwise in good health the microbat was hydrated and returned to the care of Merryn, where after a few days in care it was successfully released. It’s rare for these fragile small creatures to survive such events, so this was a triumph for all involved.

Every year sticky tape traps claim the lives of many of our native animals. If you  happen to find an animal stuck to such a trap do not attempt to remove it, please  contact WIRES immediately. Unfortunately many well-meaning attempts to remove stuck animals can result in irreparable injury.

If you find a sick, injured or entangled bat, do not touch. Please contact the WIRES rescue hotline  1300 094 737 immediately for assistance.

Photographs and story by Josef Kohlmetz