5 April 2021

Ziggy is a Pheasant Coucal and was found sitting in the backyard calling loudly for his parents, sadly they never turned up.

He was taken into care by WIRES volunteer Deborah and after examination where he was found to be in good health several attempts were made to reunite him with his parents but they failed, the heavy rains began and the small window was lost.


Ziggy took to care with enthusiasm. He ’talked’ 24/7, even when he was asleep he made little noises to himself all night. He grew quickly and was easy to feed, Ziggy had a good appetite.


After approximately 6 weeks in care he was soft released, which means he’s given supplementary food for a time until he adjusts fully to fending for himself. He appears to love freedom and runs around the undergrowth and tall ferns.

Photographs and story by Deborah Pearce