7 April 2021

WIRES Northern Rivers have 2 Topknot Pigeons in care with identical injuries both have lost primary flight feathers from their left wing.

The older seen with its topknot fully formed was found on the ground in an orchard at Broken Head, we suspect it was attacked by a predator. The younger pigeon was found on the road at Rosebank, it was hit by a car.

Both were assessed at Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital and fortunately no other injuries were found. They will be in care until their flight feathers have grown back. Having two of same species is so much better as they keep each other company whilst in care.

At this time of the year we see Topknot pigeons flocking in search of food.  They diet on fruit from various rainforest trees such as Fig trees, Blue Quandong, Lilly-pilly, Corkwood and Bangalow palms.

With most of our rainforests cleared we often see Topknot pigeons feeding on the berries of the introduced camphor laurel and privet trees.

These two Topknots will be released together when their flight feathers are fully grown and their flight strength returns after time in a flight aviary.