3 May 2021

Adrianna came home from work late one afternoon to find a Magpie lying on the ground, the poor bird was unable to fly and appeared to have hurt her left leg. Adrianna is very fond of all her wildlife and straight away contacted WIRES.

WIRES volunteer Locky responded to the call and the Magpie was brought into care. The following morning Maple (Magpie in April) as she was named, was checked out at Lismore Central vet clinic. No breaks were found but she was suffering from bruising to her spine, possibly from a motor vehicle collision or attack from another bird.

Locky tells the story: She was a real sweet girl to take care of and within days she showed positive signs of improvement. On day 6 after a test flight in a large flight aviary it was decided she was ready to return to her home.

Back home she is ready to go, but just waiting for the right moment.

You can just see Maple perched on the middle branch – calling to her family.

Images by Lachlan Cooper