29 May 2021

Matilda is a young Eastern grey kangaroo; she was just over 1 kg when found standing next to her dead mum on the side of the road.

Poppy is a Red-necked wallaby, she had no fur, weighed just 600 gram when found on the ground with no mum in sight.

Annie is a young Eastern grey kangaroo; she weighed 1.5 kg when retrieved from her dead mothers pouch by a caring motorist checking a dead kangaroo on the side of the road.

Cinnamon weighed just 1 kg when she came into care, she is a young Red-necked wallaby; retrieved from the pouch as her mum was euthanased after having been severely injured by a car.

Armistead was a bit older when he came into care, he was found by the side of the road with a broken leg, almost 2.5 kg he would have been following his mum when he got into trouble, most likely clipped by a car as he tried to keep up with mum.

The five orphans have been in care with WIRES since they were orphaned, they have grown from young dependent joeys into young adults, kept each other company and learned vital skills only they could teach each other. 

Today the five orphans went through an opened gate to resume their lives in the wild.

Armistead, being the young man amongst the group, did not want his photo taken so you only get to see the ladies, just before the gate was opened.

Thank you to all the people that stop, check and call WIRES when you come across wildlife injured or orphaned, you all make a difference. These five little orphans would not be venturing forth today without your initial help.

Pictures by Nicole Hine