7 July 2021

At the end of March, WIRES Northern Rivers was called to rescue a flying-fox entangled on barbed wire in Numulgi.

She was taken to Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital as her injuries were so serious we didn’t know if she could be saved.

The x-ray to check for bone injuries revealed that “Numulgi” was pregnant.

Flying-foxes normally have their pups in Spring so this was an unusual event.


Numulgi‘s injuries needed to be re-checked several times at BBWH with ongoing monitoring of the pregnancy, including ultrasound and progressive x-rays.

Ten weeks after rescue, Numulgi gave birth to a healthy female pup.

Her most recent visit to BBWH was with her pup tucked under her wing.

As well as the recheck and some necessary surgery on mum’s wings, Dr Bree and staff were able to assess the pup, “JJ,” now three weeks old.

It was a delicate task handling the fiercely protective mother with the pup firmly latched onto mum’s nipple.
Picture showing JJ’s forearm being measured.

We will continue to observe the pup’s progress while Numulgi’s membrane injuries continue to heal.

JJ’s heartbeat being checked.

We are fortunate to have Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital as a resource for the treatment of our Flying foxes.