6 August 2021

Jeff quickly called WIRES when he noticed a wallaby had been hit by a car out the front of his property at Rileys Hill, the wallaby had been killed on impact, but when Jeff checked the pouch there was a little joey very much alive within.
WIRES volunteer Bess talked Jeff though how to safely remove the joey from the pouch and it was soon after in WIRES care.
The joey is a Swamp wallaby; she has been named Alexandria and is one of 38 orphaned joey’s currently in care with WIRES Northern Rivers branch, the majority due to having lost their mum’s in collisions with cars.
Please drive with caution on both regional and urban roads where native animals may be present. Watch out, slow down and drive to the conditions. It is especially important to be vigilant and very aware in the early mornings, late afternoons and through the night when many native animals are out and about.
Swamp Wallabies are found along the east coast of Australia and can be identified by their distinctive, dark fur with coppery brown/yellow patches. They prefer thick undergrowth where they hide in thick grass and dense bush during the day and come out at dusk to browse for food. They eat a variety of grasses, shrubs and ferns.

Alexandria is almost 5 months old and she has now been in care for a week, her journey as an orphan has just begun, it will end when she is released back to the wild in March next year as a young adult.

She is seen here enjoying some sunshine and a nibble on some grass whilst safely in her substitute pouch.

PLEASE stop if you hit an animal, or if you come across one dead on the road. All female marsupials have a pouch, chances are very high that a live joey is in that pouch and depending on species there may be more than one joey in need of immediate care. Please call WIRES for help or advice on 1300 094 737.

images by Jeanette Dundas