17 August 2021

Vera is a Swamp wallaby and was just 150 days old when she became an orphan on 16th June, her mum was killed in a collision with a car at Suffolk Park near Byron Bay.

Very came into WIRES care late that night, she was in shock, but otherwise seemed alright.

In the following days her carer, WIRES volunteer Anna, noticed something was not quite as it should be. Even though Vera was yet too young to use her legs something was wrong.


She was examined and x-rayed by Dr Megan at Vitality Vetcare at Bangalow; Vera had in fact sustained damage to both legs in the accident.  

Her legs were bandaged and over the coming month she had multiple visits with Dr Megan, bandages were changed, x-rays to check all was progressing as it should. Vera took it all in her stride, and finally after 5 weeks her bandages were removed.



With daily physiotherapy Vera was finally able to hop two weeks later, and yesterday, two months after coming into care, she was moved into an outside enclosure where she will spend the rest of her time in care before being released back to the wild in February 2022,  when she will be old enough to fend for herself.

Vera is seen in this picture on her way to the outside enclosure, her substitute pouch, still a vital part of her life is moving with her.

Pictures by WIRES volunteer Anna Alroe