27 August 2021

It seems that Echidnas at Kyogle get into some unusual places.
You may recall the Echidna from Kyogle BWS bottle shop in July, rescued by WIRES volunteer Rebecca.
Yesterday WIRES received a call from the Kyogle council works crew after they discovered that a hole in the surface of the road, suspected caused by a faulty pipe, was in fact a bit more complicated.
It turned out that an Echidna had found the hole in the road and decided to burrow further down and under the road, impacting the stability of the road surface.
Rebecca responded to the call and arrived at the scene, but she was unable to reach the Echidna. 
The work crew then dug, with amazing precision and care, back to a point where Rebecca was now able to reach the animal.
Rebecca quickly examined the Echidna and found him to be healthy and uninjured, the work crew named him Sid the Echidna.
Sid is pictured with Adam, one of Council’s civil construction apprentices after being rescued.




Sid the Echidna was safely relocated to a more suitable spot by Rebecca.

A huge THANK YOU to Kyogle council works crew for taking the time to investigate and calling WIRES. Sid the Echidna lives to see another day.