Happy Fathers Day

WIRES would like to wish every father a very happy Father’s Day ❤

To celebrate, we want to talk about one of the great fathers of the animal kingdom… Tawny Frogmouth!

Tawny Frogmouth dads share the responsibilities of parenting.

Male and female share in the building of nest by collecting twigs and mouthfuls of leaves, and dropping them into position on a horizontal tree branch.

Once the eggs are laid the male usually take the incubation day shift, and they share the sitting at night.

Mum and dad take turns to keep the chicks warm and safe, and they share the feeding of the hatchlings.

The chicks stay in the nest for about a month, and then roost on a branch with their parents for several months.

Happy Fathers Day to all the dads (tawnies or human!) out there.