It’s Spring and the birds are busily breeding.

Unfortunately not all baby birds stay in the nest, some fall out because they become too adventurous, or their siblings play a little rough, the windy weather is another cause or a predator bird may take them.
Australian Magpies build their nests very high in the top of eucalypt or pine trees. If their chicks fall out it isn’t possible to return them to the nest unless a cherry picker can access the area.
If a baby Magpie cannot be returned to the nest it needs to stay in care until it’s siblings leave the nest. It is then possible to reunite the chick with it’s family.
Meet buddies Cedric from Alstonville and Cyril from Casino currently in care after falling from their nests.
As birds do better in care with a same species, Cedric and Cyril are for now enjoying each others company, as soon as their siblings leave the nest they will be reunited with their families.
Every critter in trouble deserves a second chance, if you see a baby bird that has fallen from it’s nest, place it in a box on a soft snuggly cloth, keep it warm dark and quiet and call WIRES 1300 094 737. Please do not give it food or water as they require special diets.