Superb Fruit-dove in care

When WIRES volunteer Julie was sent a photograph of a bird that had been found on the ground she was surprised to see it was a male, Superb Fruit-dove. They are rarely rescued in our local area and it was even more surprising to discover it had been found at Girards Hill in Lismore.

The conservation status of this species in NSW is vulnerable.

They are found along the coast and nearby ranges of Queensland and NSW, as far south as Moruya. Their main habitat is lowland rainforest, secondary growth forests, mangroves and they are also at home in eucalypt and acacia woodlands with fruit bearing trees.

They are frugivores, feeding exclusively on fruit.



Fortunately, this Superb Fruit-dove had no broken bones; it was concussed and had minor soft tissue damage to one shoulder.

After 3 days care in a hospital cage he was becoming more active so was transferred to an aviary where he gradually started to build up flight strength.

After 9 days in care he was flying strongly and ready for release.

It was a privilege to experience the rehabilitation of this Superb Fruit-dove.

By Julie Marsh