Pied Currawong chick fallen from nest

This week WIRES Northern Rivers rescued the first Pied Currawong chick for the season.
The recent windy weather caused the nest with a chick to fall.
The chick was assessed for injuries and given hydration by WIRES volunteer Julie. The little chick was alert, noisy and had no injuries, all of which are required to achieve a successful reunite.
It was too late in the day to attempt reuniting the chick with its parents so it was kept warm and quiet overnight.
Julie reinforced the nest that had been damaged when it fell.
Early morning is the best time to attempt a reunite.
As soon as Julie arrived at the site where the nets had come down, she opened the rescue basket and the chick started calling to be fed. An adult Currawong was on the scene immediately and flew low over the basket.
A tree was chosen to install the reinforced nest, the noisy chick was placed in the nest and it wasn’t long before an adult turned up with a juicy looking locust.
Thank you to Grant and Janelle who called WIRES when they discovered the fallen nest, acting quickly saved this little Pied Currawong chick.
With inclement weather forecast later this week for Northern Rivers area, please look out for our feathered friends, many birds currently have chicks in nests. Please call WIRES on 1300 094 737 should you find any in trouble.