Antechinus found in swimming pool

Another juvenile Antechinus has been found in a swimming pool, this time at Richmond Hill.

The little lady has been thoroughly examined and found to be in good condition considering her ordeal.

 She is currently in care with WIRES volunteer Josef where she has  recovered from shock, been re-hydrated, and is now awaiting room service. 

Tonight’s menu comprises of delicious Meal worms, defrosted crickets, and small carnivore mix dusted on top.

She will spend tomorrow resting and and as long as there are no complications she will be returned to the property where she was found tomorrow night. We hope that she tells the family all about her ordeal, and let them know to be extra careful when needing a drink from the pool.

This is a good reminder for anyone with a swimming pool to install one or more water-exit devices such as the Skamper-Ramp or Froglog. 

Place these buoyant devices in the water along the pool’s edge to allow animals to get out on their own.

Thank you Melanie for rescuing this little Antechinus lady, and for calling WIRES

Picture by Josef Kohlmetz