Whiptail wallaby joey rescue

Just over a week ago a little joey was found lying close to his dead mum at Dobies Bight.

He was lethargic  by the time Kathy saw him, but she reacted fast, wrapping him in a towel and putting him into her backpack before calling WIRES.







WIRES volunteer Judy responded to the call and he was brought into care. He was  given much needed rehydration fluid, and although he had no visible injuries he was suffering from shock.

He is a Whiptail wallaby, also known as a Pretty face wallaby, not hard to understand why they are called Pretty face, they truly are beautiful creatures. Whiptail wallabies are social animals and live in groups of up to 50, being females, males and young, but sadly you will rarely see large groups these days as their numbers are declining rapidly in NSW.

Their decline is due to:

Habitat destruction through clearing for agriculture.  Increasing rural residential development on the wallaby’s favoured low hills, urbanisation in coastal areas and unrestrained domestic and feral dogs.

Put our rescue number in your phone 1300 094 737 and should you accidentally hit any animal on the road,  please stop and check to see if the animal requires emergency assistance.  WIRES is only a phone call away….

Thank you Kathy for taking action when finding this little joey, thanks to you he will survive and in time be released to join a mob of his own kind, he will have the opportunity to  reproduce and help his species to continue to live on into the future.

Pictures by Annie Crowley