Young Tawny frogmouth caught in netting

Late yesterday afternoon WIRES volunteer Martin responded to a call for a young Tawny frogmouth caught in netting at Booyong.
Martin tells the story:
On arrival it was heartbreaking to see the parents and a sibling on the ground trying to protect and console the young one wrapped up in the string netting. The little one was very stressed and vocal.



Luckily Dr Megan, Vitality Vetcare at Bangalow was available to assist with an after-hours appointment.

With sedation the netting could be removed and following hydration and medication the tawny was allowed to rest.

Sustaining only minor bruising the young Tawny was released back to its family late this afternoon.
Thank you Ineka for calling WIRES, and thank you Dr Megan for your continued support.
Pictures by Martin Fitzgerald