Fatal consequences for the little possum joey found on the ground after he fell from mum’s back

An encounter between a female Mountain brushtail possum and the family dog had fatal consequences for the little joey found on the ground after he fell from mum’s back as she moved very fast to get away from the dog.
The joey would have spent the first four months of life securely inside mum’s pouch, and only recently ventured out to travel on her back as she foraged for food at night.
He was put back up on a branch high in the tree, hoping for mum to return for him overnight, but the following morning he was found on the ground again, he was put back up, but again he fell to the ground.
He was then brought to a local vet clinic and WIRES was contacted.
Sadly the joey died not long after coming into care, an autopsy revealed that he had sustained severe head trauma and neurological damage due to the falls from the tree.
This is a great reminder to please call WIRES for advice should you come across a native animal in trouble. We appreciate and realise that the member of the public did what they thought best at the time, reuniting a joey with its mum is certainly what we try to do if it is possible, but there many factors that need to be considered before reuniting a little native critter such as this.

Please enter WIRES phone number 1300 094 737 into your phone, or keep it in a handy spot, and call WIRES for advice for all native animals in trouble.