Possum joey orphaned

A month ago Magic lost his mum, he is a Short-eared Brushtail possum better known locally as the Mountan Brushtail possum.
Magic had just started to ride on mum’s back, gripping onto her fur he was holding on as best he could as she crossed the road at Mullumbimby when she was clipped by a car. Magic lost his grip on impact, fell onto the road injuring his foot, mum disappeared into the bush.
Short-eared Brushtail possums are restricted to moist forests of SE Australia extending from southern Queensland to around Newcastle in NSW. They are one of the largest species of arboreal marsupials living in wet sclerophyll forests in south-eastern Australia. In Southern Queensland and Northern NSW they can have a variety of colours, from the common grey to golden, black, brown or a combination of all.
The female gives birth to normally just one young, pouch life is approximately 120 days, after which the juvenile possum will alternate between being in the pouch or on mum’s back as she forage for food at night.
During the day they live in hollows found in old trees, but as old trees with hollows large enough to accommodate this species are becoming scarce, they are often forced to take up residence in roof cavities.
Magic’s foot has now healed and soon he will be joined by a little female in care, together they will eventually be released back to the wild once they are old enough to fend for themselves.
Please drive with caution on both regional and urban roads where native animals may be present. It is especially important to be vigilant where bushland comes right up to the edge of the road.
Put WIRES rescue phone number 1300 094 737 into your mobile phone, and call for advice should you come across a native animal in need of help.
Thanks to the lady that stopped and called WIRES, Magic will have a chance to live out his expected lifespan of 17 years.
Pictures by Jeanette Dundas