Bandicoot saved from swimming pool

This little juvenile Northern Brown bandicoot was rescued from a swimming pool in Goonellabah a couple of days ago.
He is at a stage of development where he would almost be weaned, exploring his surrounding at night looking for a place to make a nest for himself over the next week or two.
Part of his immediate surroundings was a swimming pool and somehow he fell in.
He is one of the lucky ones, many do not fare as well and lose their lives in swimming pools.
This can easily be avoided by draping a securely tied rope into the pool, or place knotted ropes along the sides, securing them to the pool edge allowing the animal can climb out. Alternatively purchase readily available Escape ramps and install.
All native animals can swim, but will soon become exhausted and drown if they have no avenue of escape.
Thank you Deb for saving this little fellow.

PIctures by Josef Kohlmetz and Annie Crowley