Topknot pigeon chick in trouble

Steve was out for a morning walk when he came across this little  Topknot pigeon on the ground. He looked around but could not locate any parent birds

He gently scooped it up and contacted WIRES.

The little bird was examined and kept in WIRES care overnight to make sure it wasn’t injured.

The following morning Julie accompanied Steve  to the exact location in East Lismore Cemetery where the little pigeon had been found.

Steve lives close by so he volunteered to monitor and not long after sent this lovely photo showing the family back together.

The Topknot Pigeon is a large and very unique bird; it is much bigger than the Crested Pigeon which is often mistaken for.  Topknot pigeons have an unmistakable crest on their head which resembles a large lock of dusty red hair that it uses in its mating displays. They roam our sub-tropical land in search of food, spends its days high in the top of the rainforest canopy eating small native fruits, berries and seeds from Native figs, Lillypillies, Bangalow Palms, Blueberry ash and other rainforest trees.


Thank you Steve for calling WIRES.