Platypus in care

This young Platypus came into WIRES care late yesterday afternoon after it was found walking along a country road.


The young Platypus was examined, found to be a dispersing juvenile in good condition and it was released a short time later at dusk.

Platypus are secretive, elusive and shy creatures that are rarely seen as they spend most of their time either in the water foraging for food, or fast asleep deep in a burrow, under rock ledges, roots or debris.
For the next 2-3 months juvenile Platypus may be found in unusual places. Sub-adults such as this little one may be found wandering along the road, or wander into urbanised areas when attempting to establish their own territory.
Currently in the Northern Rivers many creeks and rivers are above normal height due to the continued rain, Platypus may have been displaced by the current, or burrows may be flooded.
Should you find a Platypus in distress or in an unusual place please call WIRES on 1300 094 737 for advice.
NEVER place the Platypus in a water-filled bucket, bathtub or tank, it is an air-breathing mammal that routinely spends many hours each day snugly asleep in a dry environment.
How can you help?
Please don’t disturb Platypus if they live in streams on your property or in your neighborhood.
Plant or protect natural plants along watercourses, doing this will protect banks and will provide areas for the platypus to live.
Don’t use yabby traps to catch yabbies in freshwater streams. Platypus are often the victims found drowned in these traps.
Clean up streams by removing broken bottles and rubbish.
Keep your dogs on a leash if walking them near Platypus habitat, do not let them dig into the creek bank.