Magpie suspended from a branch 12 meters in the top of a Silky Oak tree.

WIRES volunteer Julie had just attended a rescue at Bexhill when a call came through for a rescue at Eltham.
Simon had called WIRES after realising that a Magpie was entangled in string and suspended from a branch 12 metres in the top of a Silky Oak tree. Simon had seen the magpie the day before but had not realised it was trapped.
Julie quickly assessed the situation and it was decided an arborist would be needed.
Sentinel Tree Care responded to the call for help and Casey, a professional arborist, was quickly on site.
Casey set up ropes for a safe climb and once he reached the top of the tree cut the branch close to where the magpie was suspended by string.
Casey gently placed the magpie in a bag for the climb back to the ground.

The string entangled around the magpies foot is expertly cut by WIRES volunteer Julie.

Surprisingly the string entangled around the magpies foot was not too tight, no constriction damage and no injury was found.




Continuously trying to fly to free itself the magpie was exhausted and will be kept in care for a few days before being released back home at Eltham.


A fabulous team rescue.
A huge thank you to Simon who reported the rescue to WIRES.
Casey from Sentinel Tree Care for his expert tree climbing and gentle rescue of the magpie.

We would also like to thank the WIRES Sydney rescue team who are currently in our area, helping with animal rescues after many of our local volunteers were affected by the devastating floods in the Northern Rivers area.