Wallaby joeys victims of the floods in Northern NSW.

UPDATE 16 March 2022

Both joeys are doing well in care. Seen here after just over 2 weeks in WIRES care.

These Swamp wallaby joeys are both victims of the floods on 1 March 2022 in Northern NSW.
With so much sadness and devastation across our region we will concentrate on the happy ending rescues.
Cathy was just about to evacuate from her Ocean Shores property when a wallaby fleeing the rising flood water was attacked by a dog. Mum wallaby was injured, as she fled her joey dropped from her pouch.
Cathy picked up the tiny joey from the footpath and contacted WIRES.
The older Swamp wallaby joey was pulled out of the swollen river at Broadwater yesterday afternoon by Owen.
Both are now in care with WIRES volunteer macropod carer Anna.
“Lockie” the youngest joey is in a humidicrib, and “Tosh” the older joey is settling in.
Lockie and Tosh are both doing well, and will in time join others already in Anna’s care.
With severe flooding occurring across many regions, please be aware that wildlife will be distressed; many will be displaced and waterlogged.
💚 Wildlife will, in many cases, be sheltering in unusual places. Please be compassionate and allow the animal to shelter, they may have nowhere else to go until the situation eases.
💚 If you have found a displaced, sick, injured or orphaned animal, remove any threat to the animal. Gently place a towel over the animal and place it in a ventilated box with a lid.
💚 Place the box in a warm, dark, quiet place.
💚 Please call WIRES on 1300 094 737 for further advice.
💚 Please do not give the animal any food or water, unless instructed to by a vet or WIRES.
💚 For flying-foxes, microbats and snakes, please do not approach or try to contain. Call WIRES immediately on 1300 094 737 for advice.
Thank you Cathy and Owen for saving these precious lives and calling WIRES.
Pictures by Anna Alroe