Wallaby joeys rescued during and after 2022 flood disaster

Amid the flood recovery here in Northern NSW, WIRES volunteers continue our work. The repercussions on communities, the environment, and native wildlife have been catastrophic.



Yesterday Timothy found a very young wallaby joey in the middle of the road on the Bruxner Highway at Casino with no sign of mum.

This joey will be in care for approximately 7 months before she is ready to be released.

This  Red-necked wallaby joey was found in Nimbin during the flood disaster.

She will spend approximately 6 months in care before being released back to the wild.

Both joeys were transferred yesterday to WIRES Macropod carers Di and Tanya, joining joeys of similar ages already in care.
If you find a sick or injured native animal, please call WIRES on 1300 094 737.
Pictures by Lib Ruytenberg