Its Puggle time again!

This time of the year female Echidnas may be carrying either an egg or a very small echidna in her pouch.
Echidnas do not actually have a permanent pouch; instead they have contracting muscles in their abdomens, which forms a pouch-like fold. As both male and female echidnas can form a pouch in this way, it makes the sexes indistinguishable.
We would expect that a Puggle ( baby Echidna) would be located in mums “ pouch”, and if she was injured or killed in a road accidents, we would check the pouch as with other mammals.
But the pouch like folds where the Puggle is nurtured as it develops, are sadly not strong enough to hold the Puggle if mum is hit by a car.
The Puggle will fall out of the pouch on impact, and as the little Puggle is kind of round it will often roll like a slightly uneven ball some distance from mums body.
Should you have a collision or come across an injured or dead Echidna on the road, please stop, obviously tend to the adult Echidna and call WIRES for advice and assistance, but also look around you and check for what may look like a ball of clay, from the size of a golf ball to the size of your fist. It could have rolled some distance in any direction. Chances are high that the Puggle is still very much alive and in desperate need of help and specialised care.
Gently pick up the Puggle and wrap in a soft cloth.
Please call WIRES straight away on 1300 094 737 for advice.