Noisy miner chicks reunited with parents

Spring is just around the corner, and the first baby birds to come into WIRES care in the Byron Shire were found on the ground by Lea last Thursday.

The sibling Noisy miners spent a couple of days in care with WIRES volunteer Deb. They were hydrated and fed whilst being monitored for any injuries; both turned out to be healthy and were taken back early Saturday morning to be reunited with their parents.

Deb used a small cane basket as a substitute nest because if it rains the water will drain away. The basket was attached by cable ties in a tree close to where they were found, and the little birds placed inside.

Deb stepped away and within minutes both parent birds arrived.

One parent can be seen in picture just above the basket



One of the two little birds jumped out of the substitute nest in excitement as the parents began searching for food to feed them both.

 Reuniting Noisy Miners is a wonderful experience, the entire family is involved and all fly in as soon as the young call.

The Noisy Miner is perhaps the best known native honey-eater in Eastern Australia, they are communal and family orientated living in territorial groups of around 6 -30 birds feeding on nectar, fruits and insects.

Pictures by Deborah Pearse