Magpie chick found on a busy driveway in Byron Bay

Caitlyn was quick to react when she found this young Magpie on a busy driveway in Byron Bay, she took it straight to My Vet Byron Bay where it was examined and found to be in good health, no injuries but much too young to be without it’s parents.
WIRES volunteer Sarah responded to the call from My Vet Byron Bay. The address where the Magpie had been found was recorded by the vet, so Sarah went straight there to see if it may be possible to reunite the chick with its parents.
Sarah soon found the nest, there were no siblings and the parent birds were there fretting for their lost offspring.
Access to the original nest site was not possible, but Geoff lives at the adjacent property and was happy to help.
The chick was placed in a box which would give the parent birds access to their chick whilst a substitute nest was being sourced.
Within seconds the parent birds were attending to their chick.
With the help of bird lover Geoff, a substitute nest was soon secured on a pole in his backyard, Geoff even created shade & predator protection.
The Magpie family unit was restored.




Thank you Caitlyn for rescuing this little Magpie, thank you My Vet Byron Bay for examining the chick, and ensuring correct details of where it was found were available. Thank you Geoff for your help reuniting this little family.

Pictures by Sarah Murray