Masked Lapwing chicks orphaned in Byron Bay

Meet Fee and Fi, they are Masked Lapwing chicks currently in WIRES care after mum was killed by a car at Byron Bay.

Fee and Fi were very young, cold, wet and calling loudly for mum and dad when they came into WIRES care and were immediately placed in intensive care.

Masked Lapwings (or plovers as they are commonly known) have adapted readily to parks and verges created in urban areas. Here they build their nest which is just a simple scrape in the ground. The nest site is created away from ground cover, and often placed in unsafe locations, (due to lack of safe locations) The eggs and chicks are very vulnerable to predation, the parent birds are devoted and like any parent, protective of their offspring they will try to drive away any perceived threat. Only a few hours after hatching the chicks are able to follow their parents.

Masked Lapwings can be observed in pairs of small groups feeding on earthworms, insects and their larvae. Most food is obtained from just below the surface of the ground.
Please be vigilant and slow down if you see a family of plovers, they are doing their best to protect their family in a very dangerous environment.
As always, please call WIRES on 1300 094 737 for assistance if you find injured or orphaned wildlife.



It has now been a week since Fee and Fi were orphaned, they have recovered from their ordeal and are both doing well. Once old enough they will be released back to the wild.

Fee can be seen here looking great 🙂

Pictures by Deborah Pearse