Welcome swallows in care after nest knocked down

Four tiny Welcome Swallow chicks came into care after someone had knocked down the nest; we hope, unaware there were chicks inside.

Anthony was on holiday with his family in Byron Bay when found the chicks on the ground. He contacted WIRES immediately and was given information on how to contain the little chicks. Shortly after he delivered the chicks to WIRES volunteer Deb.

Luckily the chicks were still warm when found, had they had time to go cold it could have been fatal for the tiny little birds.

 Once warm, the little chicks were hydrated; Deb could feel by their chubby little bodies that the parents had cared for them well. They snuggled up in a warm, knitted substitute nest, and were placed in intensive care with the even ambient temperature, so vital for their survival.

Early the following morning WIRES volunteer Andrew was up on a ladder with cable ties and the swallow chicks in a substitute nest. The nest was firmly attached where the original nest had been, whilst the parent swallows were swooping in and out, anxiously waiting to be reunited with their babies.

It is worth mentioning here that it is illegal to knock down native bird nests or to harm native animals in any way, reportable to NPWS.

A huge than you to Anthony and family for calling WIRES, thus saving the life of these four little Welcome swallows.


By Deborah Pearse