Fairy Martin fledglings in care

Three little Fairy Martins came into care a few weeks ago after their nest was accidentally destroyed.

The parent birds did not return to the site so reuniting them would not be an option.

On arrival into care they already had feathers; their time in care would be fairly short.

Fairy Martins are members of the swallow family and are very similar to Welcome Swallows; however the Fairy Martin is slightly smaller, its tail is shorter and appears square rather than forked when seen in flight.

Fairy Martins nest in colonies. They collect tiny mud or clay pellet pellets which they pack closely together to create their bottle-shaped nest, with a horizontal spout like entrance. Male and female work together to build the nest, and they also share incubation and care of their young.

WIRES volunteer Julie cared for the three little fledglings and after 11 days in care they were ready for release back into the Fairy Martin colony.


Thank you Austin for calling WIRES.


Pictures and video by Julie Marsh