Kookaburra chicks being reunited with parents

One of the most rewarding things about being a WIRES volunteer is to reunite young animals with their parents.

Yesterday was no exception with 2 Laughing Kookaburra reunites before 8.30.

On Monday a newly fledged kookaburra was rescued at St Vincent’s Hospital. It was heavily infested with mites. The young kookaburra when rescued was weak and unable to fly, but after treatment, hydration and a feed it soon recovered. After 3 days in care it was flying and ready to go home.

When we arrived at St Vincent’s it wasn’t long before the Kookaburra family were on the scene and a cacophony of laughter filled the air, their young family member had returned.

The second rescue and reunite was in Goonellabah.

On Wednesday afternoon a nestling Kookaburra had fallen from its hollow located in a very tall palm tree.

The young bird was assessed for injuries and thankfully the feisty and noisy Laughing Kookaburra had no injuries.

The young bird could be reunited with its family, but the hollow in the tall palm was much too tall to access with a ladder.

Steve Cubis Tree Services was contacted, and as always Steve was happy to help. A time was set up for 7.30 the next morning to put the little one back in its hollow.

With the expert help of Ben and Justin from Steve Cubis Tree Services the little kookaburra soon back in the nesting hollow with its two siblings.

WIRES volunteer Julie observed an adult Kookaburra with food in its beak flying into the hollow shortly after.

Kookaburras form permanent breeding pairs that live in a group with up to 6 helpers to feed the chicks, these helpers are offspring from previous seasons. This Kookaburra social system reduces breeding potential but improves the chances of survival for all members of the family. The young are better cared for and the parents are under less strain than pairs without similar arrangements.

This Kookaburra family certainly have their work cut out for them,  keeping 3 baby kookaburras fed is all about teamwork.

Thank you to all rescuers and to Steve Cubis Tree Services who saved the day yet again.

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