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Echidna Puggles in care

Video of Echidna in care by Sharon McGrigor

Video of Echidna recovering from beak injury by Sharon McGrigor
Echidna beak injury




By Barbara Wilkins

Looking for love … sometimes in the wrong places


Echidnas are solitary for much of their life

But as winter approaches males seek out a wife

They gather in lines or an echidna ‘train’

And head out for romance, in fine weather or rain


The men follow a comely young female

Older ones at the front, mere boys at the tail

Thinking ‘tonight, might it be me?

Will she see what lovely puggles there’d be?’


But sadly these little critters just aren’t that fast

And get hit by our cars as we rush past

The poor little echidnas are battered and tossed

And all chance of mating sadly is lost

So if you are travelling, especially at night

Remember to look for them in your headlights

Slow down so they can go safely on their way

So that we will have echidnas for many a day

But if an unfortunate one you find

We’d love you to call, if you’d be so kind

The WIRES hotline – that would be great

Six six two eight one eight nine eight.



Updated March 2021  

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