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Snakes in summer venture closer to our homes in search of food and water. Try clearing debris from around the home, and keeping the grass and hedges under control. Where possible, provide an alternate water source, such as a 2 litre coke bottle cut off at its widest point, where it begins to narrow for the neck, and then half buried full of water on the boundaries, or empty 2 litre ice cream containers, placed on ground around boundaries of the property and filled with water, will work. Put in a stick to allow small creatures an avenue of escape should they fall in.

How do you know it’s a brown snake? A "brown" snake does not mean it’s the species commonly called Brown Snake. Did you know that Brown Snakes come in a variety of colours from cream to black, and can be striped, spotted and patterned?

Brown Snakes and Pythons are not cross breeding. It’s impossible. It’s like cross breeding a dog and a chicken.

Somewhere between 70 and 90% of people who get bitten by a snake, gets bitten while trying to kill them.

In the Northern Rivers, there are numerous snakes per square kilometre.


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