Australian Hobby

Falco longipennis

The Australian Hobby is a small, fast falcon, similar in size to Nankeen Kestrel but is more robust.  It has a wing span of 66-87 cm, body length 30-35 cm and weight of approximately 217 gram for males and 270 gram for females.

It hunts small birds, insectivorous bats and insects and it is active into dusk and after dark.

Occurs throughout Australia and is fairly common and widespread.


Head- buff with black crown and cheeks. Eye- brown, eye-ring pale blue, cere- pale yellow to yellowish grey

Chest and Belly- buff to rufous, finely streaked dark on chest. Wings upper- slate blue/grey to dark grey, under wings – rufous with pale barring.  Tail- rufous with pale barring. Feet- dull yellow.


 Darker and browner than adulta. Cere and eye-ring pale blue, eyes brown, feet pale yellow

Status: Not globally or nationally threatened