Bandy Bandy snake

Vermicella annulata

The  Bandy Bandy snake is easy to identify by it’s striking black and white stripes. It is a nocturnal hunter, feeding almost exclusively on Blind snakes.

  During the day, the Bandy Bandy can be found under logs, or burrowed deep into the earth. Found throughout Eastern Australia, it is thought that the Bandy Bandy’s numbers are secure, adapting to live in a variety of habitats from desert to rainforest. An egg laying species, females lay between 2 – 15 eggs with young being seen in early autumn.

Not a lot is known about the toxicity of Bandy Bandy’s so be cautious and apply first aid and seek urgent medical attention for all suspected bites.

 They grow to a total length of just under one meter, making them one of our smaller snake species. They may be observed to loop themselves into kinks and bends to defend themselves.