Bowerbirds are very closely related to birds of paradise, and species of bowerbird are found in many parts of Australia and New Guinea.

Four bowerbird species are found in NSW

Regent Bowerbird- Satin Bowerbird- Spotted Bowerbird and Green Catbird

 They are mainly forest birds, living in a particular local area throughout their lives. Male bowerbirds weave intricate display areas (or bowers) out of twigs. They decorate their bowers with charcoal, saliva and colourful objects. Because of this, bowerbirds are often thought of as the most advanced of all birds. A bower is not a nest. It is an attractive ‘avenue’, used by male bowerbirds to entice a female. When they are not feeding, the males spend much of their time perched in the bower, calling to potential mates and warning off potential rivals