Brahminy Kite

Haliastur indus

The Brahminy Kite is an easily recognised  chestnut and white medium sized hawk with a wing span of 109-124 cm. Body length is 45-51 cm and weight is approximately 536 gram for males and 588 gram for females.

It often hunts along water edges for fish, crustaceans etc and but also take variety of small animals such as  birds, carrion and even insects. Found primarily along the coastal edge of northern Australia, also in SE Asia


Head – white. Eye – reddish brown. Cere – cream to pale blue

Chest – white, belly – chestnut brown.

Wings upper – chestnut brown with dark outer primaries

Wings under – paler with chestnut brown patch from wrist to body, dark primaries.

Tail- pale chestnut with light tips. Feet – cream


 Dark brown upperparts with cream spots, mottled pale brown head and pale belly. Cere grey, eyes brown, feet cream

Status: Not globally or nationally threatened