Brown Goshawk

Accipiter fasciatus

The Brown Goshawk is the fierce, agile hawk of forests and woodlands with long legs and a rounded tail. It has a wing span of 76-96 cm, body length of 40-55 cm. Male weight is approximately 350 gram and female 570gram.

It hunts birds, mammals (young rabbits), reptiles and insects.  Found throughout most of Australia and in New Guinea, Solomons and New Caledonia.

Tropical subspecies (Accipiter didimus) are smaller. 


Head – slate grey with rufous half collar. Eye – yellow, cere – cream to olive yellow. Chest and Belly-  finely barred dull rufous and white. Wings upper – grey/grey with slate grey /back, females sometimes brownish. Wings under- rufous and white finely barred. Tail – rufous and white finely barred, rounded in shape. Feet – yellow to orange-yellow


Brown streaked head and neck, chest heavily streaked with brown barred belly. Cere olive yellow, eyes brown, legs pale yellow. Juveniles similar to juvenile Collared Sparrowhawk

Status: Not globally or nationally threatened