Brown tree snake

Boiga irregularis

The Brown tree snake, often referred to as night tiger,  can grow to approximately 2 meters. It is a slim snake and often mistaken for the venomous Eastern brown snake. The Brown tree snake is also venomous but is unlikely to harm humans. If bitten you should however treat it as any other snake bite, and follow the same procedures.

Brown tree snakes can be found in Northern, Eastern and Southern Australia where it lives in forested areas, from woodlands to rainforests, as well as urban areas. Most often seen by humans on rafters in a house in search of prey, they natural habitat is coiled on rock faces, in tree hollows or on the ground. If it feels threatened it launches itself into a series of s-shaped loops.

The brown tree snake is a skilled climber and nocturnal feeding on birds, bats, eggs and small mammals.