31 May 2021

A tiny juvenile Eastern Water Dragon had a very lucky escape from certain death when it came across a cat run. Being wildlife conscious the run has been created by a responsible pet owner for her kitties, allowing them to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air without endangering the local wildlife. The bottom metre of …

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26 April 2021

Thousands of animals are badly injured each year as a result of entanglement in or contact with barbed wire. We frequently attend rescues where native animals are caught and tangled in netting and fencing. Nocturnal animals such as bats, gliders and owls are particularly susceptible and are often entangled when flying towards flowering or fruiting …

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7 April 2021

WIRES Northern Rivers have 2 Topknot Pigeons in care with identical injuries both have lost primary flight feathers from their left wing. The older seen with its topknot fully formed was found on the ground in an orchard at Broken Head, we suspect it was attacked by a predator. The younger pigeon was found on …

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