26 August 2021

Native Wildlife & Rodenticides: A Deadly Combination     WIRES was recently contacted by Kate, she had found this Barn owl dead on the ground, with no sign of injury, no sign of reason why it had died.Sadly it is most likely a case of second generation poisoning and this owl is just one of many native …

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22 August 2021

Today is the start of #KeepAustraliaBeautifulWeek, which runs until the 28th of August.There are two key themes this year: ‘Dropped on Land, Kills at Sea’, and ‘Where Does Your Rubbish Go?’ These two themes impact the daily life of WIRES members and the rescues we attend. Entanglement and ingestion of non-organic substances are two major …

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3 April 2021

Last week WIRES received a call for a microbat that had become stuck on fly tape and had already been removed by the member of the public. Still stuck to himself the poor bat was quickly rescued by WIRES volunteer bat carer Merryn and brought to Alstonville Veterinary Hospital for assessment. Under anaesthetic, WIRES volunteer …

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