29 April 2021

The month of April has seen an unusual high number of Tawny Frogmouths come into care with WIRES Northern Rivers, so far we have rescued 35 and many of those have been hit by cars. The Tawny Frogmouth is nocturnal and from dusk they fly slowly and silently though the night in search of prey …

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26 April 2021

Thousands of animals are badly injured each year as a result of entanglement in or contact with barbed wire. We frequently attend rescues where native animals are caught and tangled in netting and fencing. Nocturnal animals such as bats, gliders and owls are particularly susceptible and are often entangled when flying towards flowering or fruiting …

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25 April 2021

Last week David was driving to work early in the morning in a fairly remote area when he spotted a dead kangaroo by the side of the road, sadly it was not unusual. Two days later, same route, same destination, he glanced at the same dead kangaroo still laying on the side of the road, …

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