Collared sparrowhawk

Accipiter cirrocephalus

The Collared Sparrowhawk  is a small, fierce lightly built hawk with a wing span of 55-78 cm. Body length is 29-38cm and male weight is approximately 125 gram, female 218 gram.

It has slender feet with last segment of middle toe projecting beyond claws of other toes. It feeds mostly on small birds but will take lizards, insects and occasionally small mammals.

 Found throughout most of Australia, generally uncommon but are more common in tropical and subtropical forests.


Head- slate grey with rufous half collar. Eye – yellow, cere- cream to olive-yellow

Chest and Belly- finely barred rufous and white. Wings upper – slate grey, sometimes with brownish wash, under wings – finely barred rufous and white.

Tail is square in shape- under is finely barred rufous and white, upper is barred paler grey and darker grey. Feet – yellow.


Brown upper parts, chest heavily streaked white and rufous. Juveniles similar in appearance to juvenile Brown Goshawk but have longer middle toe.  Eyes brown to pale yellow, feet pale yellow

Status: Not globally or nationally threatened