Eastern Grey Kangaroo

Macropus giganteus

The Eastern Gery Kangaroo is probably the best known and recognised Macropod in Australia.

It is common on the mainland but vunerable in Tasmania .

Weight for males up to 65 kg females 35 kg. Sexual maturety is reached at 20 months fo both sexes.

The Eastern Grey Kangaroo is grey- brown above white to grey below.

This majestic animal hops upright with it’s head held high and tail curved upwards.

It is found in woodland, open forest, grass lands and farm land in temperate, semi arid and sub-alpineas well as tropical regions.

During daylight hours it will rest beneath the trees coming out at dusk to graze in open grassland.

Major threaths are dog attacks, hunting and colisions with motror vehicles.

Humans  pose the greatest threat to these magnificent wild animals as they are targeted by commercial shooters “harvesting” skins, hides  and  meat  for commercial gain.