Eastern Long-neck Turtle

Chelodina longicollis

The Long-Necked Tortoise or as it is also known Eastern Snake-Necked Turtle is found from South- eastern South Australia to Eastern Queensland in coastal wetlands and waterways such as swamps, creeks and rivers.

It is slow moving and as it migrates in summer often large distances it is often seen on roads, where unfortunately they are often hit by cars.

It feeds on a variety of aquatic organisms such as tadpoles, crustaceans and small fish .Webbed feet are used for digging and swimming.

A hole made in the banks of the waterway is where up to 10 eggs are laid in early summer.

Never relocate a turtle, please return it to the nearest waterway. If you come across a turtle on the road take it to the other side of the road and let it continue its journey.