Eastern rosella

Platycercus eximius

Eastern Rosellas are found throughout south-eastern Australia from Queensland to Victoria and south-eastern South Australia. In the wild they have a life span of approximately 15 years.

Eastern Rosellas eat mainly seeds but will also eat berries, fruit, nectar and insects. You may see Eastern Rosellas searching the ground for fallen seeds or feeding on grass seeds on the side on the road or in gardens and parks.

Eastern Rosellas mate for life. The nest site is chosen and prepared by the female and may be in the hollow branch of a dead or living gum tree.  Due to the loss of old trees,  nests are now also found in holes in rotting logs lying on the ground, or inside old fence posts. She lays her eggs on a bed of decayed wood and incubates her eggs while the male regularly feeds her.

You can help these beautiful birds survive into the future.

Keep cats and dogs away from areas in your backyard and in parks where Rosellas feed.

Include a variety of native grasses, bushes and shrubs with seeds in your garden for the birds to feed on.

Preserve mature trees with hollows which provide safe and secure nesting sites, beyond the reach of predators.

Put a bird bath in your yard to give birds a drink and somewhere to splash around when it’s hot. Don’t forget to clean the bird bath every day.

Leave an area in your garden when mowing and allow the grass to go to seed, thus providing a food source for Rosellas and other seed eating birds.