Eastern Small-eyed Snake

Cryptophis nigrescens

The Eastern Small-eyed Snake grows to approximately 1.2 meters, average length is commonly less that that.

Robust body with distinct head. The head is distinct, the body is robust and shiny blue-black, underbelly is cream to pink, often with blackish blotches. It may resemble the Red-bellied black-snake, however, it has a very small eyes which is scarcely discernible from the surrounding scales.

There can be variation between individuals. This description is based on general characters.

The Eastern Small-eyed Snake may be found on the coast and in mountain ranges from far north Queensland to southern Victoria in rainforests, wet and dry eucalypt forests and heaths, agricultural and grazing lands. .

Being nocturnal it shelters under rocks, logs and the bark of fallen trees, backyard debris or in crevices during the day. This species may take advantage of well-mulched, well-watered gardens resting below the mulch during the day.

At night it is active hunting for its preferred prey which is lizards, skinks and frogs.

The Eastern small-eyed snake is regarded as dangerously venomous and should be avoided.